RHS feeder floor

Boiler RHS area

ID fans area

ESP area

Boiler RHS area

Boiler RHS area

ESP area

ESP area

LHS feeder floor

LHS mills and feeders

PA duct area

Boiler RHS area

Fans area

Boiler RHS area

ESP area

Boiler RHS area

Boiler RHS area

Boiler RHS area

Boiler RHS area

Boiler RHS area

Boiler RHS area

RHS Structure erection Mills area

Boiler RHS area

RHS Fans area

PA tempering duct insulation works

PA duct area erection

Boiler RHS area

hot PA duct erection

hot PA duct erection

ESP ALI installation works

Mill maintenance platform works

TDBFP-B Insulation

TDBFP-B Insulation

TDBFP-A Insulation

TDBFP-A Insulation

RHS beam erection

RHS beam erection

RHS beam erection

ESP I/L gate received at site

TDBFP-B bearing boxup

TDBFP-B TSI sensor mounting

TDBFP-B TSI sensor calibration

LHS feeder floor- feeder erection

PA duct area

PA duct area

Feeder floor LHS

Team BHEL Vijayawada

Team BHEL Vijayawada

Team BHEL Vijayawada

Team BHEL with ED/PSSR post Synchronization

First synchronization at 00:09hrs

Coconut breaking by ED/PSSR

ED/PSSR felicitating MD/APGENCO

Project Director felicitating ED/PSSR

Project Director felicitating ED/PSSR

Coconut breaking by CE/APGENCO

Coconut breaking by CE/APGENCO

Coconut breaking by GM/ TSX

Coconut breaking by Project Director/Vijayawada

Coconut breaking by Director/ Technical, APGENCO




TG Hall

Corner 2 erection works u/p @54 mts elevation.

Erection of Cladding at 55 mts for permanent lift under progres.

BOF to ESP duct support structure erection u/p in RHS of Boiler.

Turbine insulation works completed.

Delta run alignment of IPBD u/p.

DCS panels beIng powered on by officials.

DMCW for excitor & Hydrogen cooler works u/p.

LPBP erection works u/p.

Drive Turbine of TDBFP - B erected on foundation.

Generator Base plate grouting completed.

Erection of HV bushing GT- R phase u/p.

Erection of LV bushing GT- R phase u/p.

PA Fan lube oil lines chemical cleaning u/p.

LPBP valve insulation under progress.

ESP HVR Trnf oil BDV sample collection and testing u/p.

LP-2 Thermo couple routing completed.

CRH NRV insulation completed.

IV and IP turbine insualtion completed.

HP Turbine and ESV insulation completed.

Mill A PGB oil filling in progress.

Extraction of HP heater 2 completed.

Exiciter Placed in position.

Work stations powered @CCR.

IPBD erection u/p @ 8.5 Mts in TG floor.

Insulation works commenced for Deareator & FST.

Status of RHS Mills.

BFD Hydro test successfully completed internally.

BFD Hydro test touched 400 Kg per Sq.cm.

ID Fan A Motor trial run successfully completed.

Deaerator Hydro test successfully completed.

LP 2 thermo couples fixing completed.

240V UPS battory both banks commissioned.

GT- B phase A frame erection commenced.

FD Fan A alignment works u/p

TDBFP booster pump erection works u/p.

RHS Mills fdns status. Mill A PGB sole plate alignment works u/p

LP By Pass piping works under progress.

MOT room & Oil module erection status.

Status of MDBFP.

Piping works u/p in CD Bay.

BFD to ECO preparation for hydro test u/p.

16 MVA UAT -02 Charged.

Generator Rotor insertion successfully completed..

Generator Rotor insertion under progress.

Soot blower panels erection u/p in boiler MCC.

16 MVA UAT -01 Charged.

16 MVA UAT -01 Charged.

Steam Blowing of PRDS line done.

ID Fan A bumped and readings found ok.

ESP to Chimney and ID Fan B status

ESP Control Room to ESP cabling under progress

ESP Control room status

FOPH status

BOF to ESP erection status

Bottom Ash Hopper erection status (BOP Scope)

Boiler RHS Mills status

Boiler First pass insulation status

ESP penthouse roof status

Boiler Penhouse roof insulation status

C&I Status at Boiler Penthouse

LHS Bunkers erection status (BOP Scope)

Coal Pipe erection status

CD Bay cable rack erection status (BOP Scope)

CD Bay Cable racks erection status (BOP Scope)

Main Control Room status

TG Deck status

Primary Water Piping for Generator Stator

TDBFP-B Deck casting status (BOP Scope)

De Super Heaters erection status

Oil Canal Status

MOT Room status

MDBFP allignment under progress

IPBD Duct Status

Seal Oil Valve Rack grouting under progress

LP Heaters 1A/2A & 1B/2B erection status

HP Heaters 6B & 7B erection status

HP Heaters 6A & 7A erection status

DMCW pumps and PHEs erection status

Hot Well make up pumps piping status

10 to 11 grid piping erection status at 8.5 Mtrs

Flash Tank A and related piping status

Boiler CC pump erection status

CD Bay PCP erection status

CD Bay Piping erection status

Boiler LHS view

BOF to ESP LHS side status

ESP to Chimney LHS duct insulation status

ID Fan to Chimney Duct insulation status

SEL relay testing in 3.3 KV 8CA board u/p.

Floor tile works u/p in Main Control Room.

IPBD erection u/p.

MDBFP alignment works u/p.

JT 25 works under progress by BOP agency.

SGDMCW system ready for BLU.

View of Boiler (North side).

Turbine floor.

MDBFP erection works u/p.

Overall view of the Plant.

Piping works between CD Bay .

BOF to ESP duct ready for ATT.

View of Boiler (South side).

ESP to ID duct insulation works u/p.

FD and PA Motor rainhood erection u/p.

FD Fan cable laying works under progress.

Flash tank B lifting under progress

Flash tank structure erection u/p by BOP agency.

Both the condensers boxed up

MOT room structure erection u/p by BOP agency.

ESP D Pass erection with RIO panels completed. C Pass u/p.

GT 1C to Spare GT concreting yet to be done by Custoner.

Approach road for Station Transformer to be made by civil agency

Road to be made aval.for movement of materials inside the BLR

MTM along with tray work at at vertical wall @ pent hoise of BLR

SH/RH spray LIE shifting to Boiler @60 M el. Works u/p.

ID to Chiemney (LHS) Duct kerosene test u/p.

Bottom Ash hopper erection status by BOP agency

Fan Foundation status on RHS of the Boiler .

Mills B,C& D foundation status .

ESP Pass B Inlet Funnel insulation works u/p.

Insulation works u/p between ESP O/L to ID Fan I/L Duct.

Piping erection stopped due to slush in CD bayC

Hydra getting stuck up in Boiler area due to slush

Boiler materials feeding sopped due to slush road

Front water boxes of both condensers erected.

Control room status due to heavy rain.

Last portal crane girder loaded on trailer to send the same to E

Condenser 1 final box up under progress.

Preparation for rear water box of condenser 1 under progress.

GT 1A: clearance given to civil for 10 Aux. Peduatals casting.

Condensor1: platform removed after completing erection on front

3/12 trailer consists of portal crane parts diverted to Ennore.

ACP D Pass CT testing completed. PT testing u/p.

Storage Yard 2 filled up with ash water. Dewatering u/p.

Bottom Ash hopper works under progress by BOP agency.

Coal Piping Erection works under progress in Corners 1,2,3 &4.

Boiler lift sheeting works under progress on RHS .

Duct connection b/w chimney and ID duct on RHS u/p by BGR.

Balance pent house sheeting works under progress in ESP Pass D.

ESP cable laying works started.

IA & PA Air compressors erection under progress by BOP Agency.

Mills E,F,G&H hoists erected.

ALT- A Testing under progress.

TG&SGDMCW pumps erection completed.Piping works under progress.

Steam cooled spacer works under progress in boiler.

Cable tray and cabling required for running of SG-DMCW.

First EC panel erected in ESP control room .

MDBFP fdns h/o on 15.07.19 and erection works started today.

Civil works u/p for Mills B,C,D

Portal crane dismantling works under progress

Oil purification unit fdns u/p for TDBFP

TDBFP A Lub oil fdns under progress

Condensor 2 water box fixed

Hopper tray work held up for want of floor in ESP Pass A

Flask Tank B not lifted due non avl. of strructure

Operator Desk & LVS room not yet ready

Feeder Panels erection u/p in Unit Control Room

Insulation of PRDS Line u/p.

Portal Crane Dismantling works u/p.

Drip pump fdns yet to be h/o by APGENCO

Mill A Casted & Checking U/p.B,C&D civil works u/p

BOF to ESP -C&D pass duct clearance not available

FD-B and PA-B fan foundation status

Coal Pipe erection in progress

Bottom ash hopper erection by BOP agency in progress.

Spare GT to be shifted .Need Rails by civil agency

Rail fixing U/p.Reqd for GT(spare) & UT shifting

GT-B Auxillary foundations not ready

Fire wall between GT-1A >-1B is not ready

GT-1A Auxillary fdns not ready for erection

RHS BOF to ESP duct foundn works not yet started

FD Fan -B foundation not ready for erection

PA Fan-B foundation not ready for erection

8.5mtr floor structure & grating reqd for IPBD

Beam not erected for support of IPBD by BOP agency

MOT room civil & structure works not yet started

TDBFP-B foundation civil foundation under progress

TDBFP-A foundation civil works not yet started

MDBFP foundations not yet handed over for erection

Main control room false ceiling reqd

Boiler MCC room panels not erected by BOP agency.

Cable Tray between Switchgear to ID fan not done

Cable Tray between Switchgear to ID fan not done

Boiler front pass insulation status

ESP Insulation status

ESP Insulation status

Transformer Yards status

PR-08 status

MCC Status

SPBD and IPBD duct status

UAT status

TG Floor status

Condenser 1 boxed up

Deaerator status

17 Mtrs floor TG status

PRDS header ready for steam blowing

CEP discharge works status

DMCW pumps status

PHEs and piping status

Zero Mtrs piping status

CD Bay piping status

17 Mtrs floor heaters piping status

ESP Penthouse status

ID Fan A Status

ID Fan B Status

FOPH Status

ESP and ESP Control room status

LHS Mills Status

Coal Pipes and Burners erection status

RHS mills foundation status

Boiler Penhouse

Boiler Front view

Boiler LHS View


ESP to Chimney ducting status LHS view

BOF to ESP duct and ESP insulation LHS view

Boiler LHS view

CPU erection status

IPBD Ducts status

Station transformer and SPBD duct status

Generator stator erection status

HP module and IP module status

HP Heaters 6A, 6B, 8A & 8B piping status

LP Heater 1A & 1B status

HP Heaters 6A & 7A piping status

Bottom Ash Hopper foundations status

LHS Bunkers status

deareator Status

PR-04 and CW pipeline status

RHS mills foundation status

ESP Pent house status

Boiler insulation status

CD Bay structure status

Air Pre Heaters status

ESP Status

BOF to ESP duct status

ESP & ESP control room status

Generator Stator Erectedon 29.04.2019

CEP Canister Erection in progress

CEP Canister Erection in progress

IP Turbine Top casing placement

IP Rotor Placement

IP Rotor Lifting

Transformer Yard works in progress

IP Turbine Inner casing works in progress

Condenser Dome wall placement

Condenser Works

Condenser and Flash Tank in AB Bay

CD Bay status

ESP Status

LHS Mill Bunker Structure status

Burner Panel fit up and welding under progress

Control Room Status

First Pass progress

Bottom Ring Header assembly

Boiler RHS status

Boiler LHS Status

ID fan B Side works

ID Fan A Side Duct erection status

Right side Spiral panel erection under progress

ID to Chimney duct erection under progress

Stator unloading at site

Stator unloading in presence of Chief Engineer(Construction & TI)/APGENCO

FD Fan-A silencer erected

Stator reached site

ESP overview

Condenser erection under progress


Stator reached near to site, 2km away from site

Turbine erection start 03 Oct 2018

ESP outlet to Chimney flange ducting under progress

ESP C pass ATT succesfully completed


Ducts between APH & PA, FD under progress

Transformers foundations

Risers fit up under progress

SOFA ducts erection under progress

Left side upper spiral panel pre-assembly Under progress

Front side upper spiral wall panel erected

Right side upper spiral wall panel preassemby under progress

Water box and water chamber erection under progres

Condenser side walls fit up under progress

Encased CW pipe rear end positioned for erection

Condenser 1 & 2 bottom plates

ESP and Boiler overview

TG Deck

Transformer yard

Condenser bottom plate & hot well

ESP Outlet to ID ducting under progress


Mills LHS

FD & PA fan LHS

ID Fans erection under progress

Hot PA ducting erection progress

SH Furnace roof tubes Erection under progress

Pendant coil erection under progress

Economizer tubes erection under progress

Furnace front spiral panel erection under progress


Boiler Vent Completed

ID fan duct fabrication in progress

Condenser Erection in progress

3.5 mtr BC bay flooring completed

EOT crane movement is available upto 5th Grid only

Condenser-1 & 2 sidewall casting completed

Transition panel work in progress

Mill Rolls unloading at site

ATT successfully completed in ESP pass D

Flash Tank Pipe Welding in progress

CW Pipe

Condenser Foundation under Progress

Condenser Foundation under Progress

Road condition from Switchyard to Boiler & ESP

Air Tightness Test Started for ESP

Status of roads at site due to rain

Condenser Foundation under progress

ESP- D Pass readiness is under progress

Duct support Structures & ID fan

ESP to ID ducting

ESP area

FD & PA Fan area

Mills area

APH area


Panels pre-assembly under progress

Pressure parts erection Under Progress

Boiler overview

Mills LHS side

Boiler overview

APH LHS side

4 nos GTs unloaded at site

TG Deck (Customer scope)

EOT crane erection Under progress.(Customer scope)

Bunker & Power house structure(Customer scope)

Cooling tower (customer scope)

Chimney(Customer scope)

ESP outlet funnel gate erection under progress

ESP to ID fan Ducts erection under progress

ESP Overview

ID fan -A erection under progress

Mills E, F,G & H erection under progress

LTRH coils Pre assy Under progress

2nd Pass front panel pre assembly under progress

Duct and burner erection Under progress

Cold Primary & secondary air ducts erection Under progress.

LHS APH,FD fan & PA fan erection under progress

Reheater coils erection under progress

Pressure parts erection under progress

APH and Hot Sec air ducts erection under progress

Boiler view from ESP side

ESP overview from RHS inlet side

ESP overview from LHS outlet side

ESP to ID Fan duct erection under progress

PA Fan LHS erection under progress

Mills LHS erection under progress

ID Fan-A erection under progress

Boiler overview from back side

Boiler overview from RHS

Boiler overview from LHS

Boiler overview from front side

Boiler area

Site Overview

Boiler area

Inside Boiler area (Panels erection under progres)

Vijayawada site view