HRSG insulation and filling works/

LP and IP line to STG erection /

Condensate line from WPH outlet to De Aerator piping /

Deaerator and UCFT filling, Water wash skid piping /

DM Tank 2 fabrication /

CT works under progress/

SW piping under progress/

ACW pump 2 and CW pump 1 /erection and alignment

De-aerator piping works /

CW line connection with Condenser /

STG rotor placed for centering/

HRSG insulation and filling works under progress/

LP and IP line to STG erection /

Condensate line from WPH outlet to De Aerator piping/

Deaerator, UCFT filling, CCW expansion tank, Water wash skid piping/

DM Tank 2 fabrication under progress/

LP and IP piping suction and discharge hydro-test completed/

SW piping under progress/

CT works under progress/

ACW pump 2 erection and alignment under progress/

De aerator piping works in progress/

CW line connection with Condenser under progress/

STG rotor placed for centering/

Clarified Water Pipeline TP 01 Connection with Customer Terminal/

DM Pump Foundation, MCC Room /

Clarified Water Pump House/Grade Slab, All Columns Completed

Clarified Water Pump House/Pump Foundation and Roof Slab Under Progress

CT Make Up Line Valve Station Erection /

ACW Pump1 Erection/

CT Fills Erection /

De-Aerator Erection, Alignment, Welding /

HP BFP 1, 2 and 3 Suction Line Hydro Test/

CW Line to Condenser Erection /

STG Lube Oil Flushing /

Generator Air Cooler Installed/CCW Line Connected To STG Cooler

Casing Centering and Leveling / for Rotor Placement

STG Rotor Cleaning/

HP BFP 1 and 3 oil flushing/

Clarified water pipeline TP 01 connection with customer terminal/

HRSG HP line hydrotest /Insulation

DM tank water filling completed/Observation under progress

CT make up line erection and alignment /

CW discharge pipeline erection/ACW pump 1 blue matching

STG bottom casing erection completed/

STG Lube oil flushing started/

HRSG painting/Insulation

HP Feed station welding /

DM water storage tank/fabrication and erection

HP BFP 1 oil flushing /

ST exhaust bottom casing/placed

STG oil pipeline /erection

CW pipeline/erection

Clarified water pipe line /erection and alignment

Clarified water pipeline connection with customer terminal /erection and alignment

STG Expansion bellow erection and fit up /

Feed water piping welding /

Preparation for erection of de aerator/

Clarified water valve station erection /

Clarified water pipeline erection /

HRSG painting works and Insulation/

HP Feed station erection /

Clarified water reservoir /inlet Valve station erection

Horizontal and Vertical baffle plate erection /Painting and Insulation

BFP 1 and 3 lube oil cooler piping/motor, hydraulic coupling

CEP discharge and CEP suction/Piping erection

Condenser dome erection and alignment /completed

LP auxiliary steam piping and DM fill piping/erection in progress

HP BFP Discharge Line and HRSG fill Piping Erection/in progress

Front and rear bearing pedestal blue matching/

HP FW line erection /

Condenser tubing and flaring /

52in CW, 38in CW and 20in ACW pipe erection near CWPH /

Steam jet ejector and Gland steam condenser piping/

Steam turbine generator erection done/

Top vertical and bottom baffle, HP vent piping /in progress

IP, LP, HP FW line and HP BFP alignment /in progress

Condenser tubing erection/

34inch CW pipe erection /

56inch CW pipe erection towards CT /

52inch CW and 20inch ACW pipe erection /near CWPH

HRSG fill pump, regeneration pump, DM pump alignment done/Ready for grouting









DM Plant /Work in Progress

Excavation for Clarified Water Pipeline/

Cooling Tower/Work in Progress

CW Line/Work in Progress

CW Line/

STG Bldg./

Cooling Tower/

CW Piping Work/Under Progress

Clarified Water Pump House/Foundation completed

STG Building /Condenser Erection




BFP Building/FST Erected , CCW piping progress

Road/Last Layer WBM work under progress

CW Line/piping work under progress

BFP Building /work under progress

STG/work under progress

GBC 2 /piping work under progress

Cooling Tower/Casting of RCC columns, beams, wind wall under progress

GBC/GBC 2 Piping and Painting Under Progress

HRSG/Roof Sheeting and HP PP fit up progress

HRSG/LP HT complete, Roof Sheeting under progress

GBC/GBC 2 under Progress

IAPA/2 Air Compressor, 1 ADU, 1 Nitrogen Plant




STG building B-C Bay 4.5 Mtr floor/ In progress


GTG Building Area/ In progress


CCW Area/In Progress

Transformers Yard/In Progress











Drain Works/In Progress

Road Works/In Progress

Transformer Yard/In Progress

SWAS Analyser Building/In Progress

GTG Building/In Progress

AC Plant Room/In Progress

STG Foundation/In Progress

BFP Foundation/In Progress

Cooling Tower/In Progress

Cooling Water Pump House/In Progress

Clarified Water Reservior/In Progress

DM Plant- Piling Work/In Progress

Bypass Stack and STG Building/In Progress

Grit Blasted and Primer Coated Bracings/

Batching Plant/In Progress

Construction of Drain New Switchyard/In Progress

Grading of earth for auxilary foundation/In Progress

SFC Building Columns/In Progress

Firewall columns of Station Auxilary transformer/In Progress

Structural works /In Progress

Firewall of GT Transformer/

Cleaning and Chipping of STG Column/ In progress




Clarfied water tank-PH/Progress


Bypass stack-HRSG-Chimney/Progress

Cooling Tower/Progress

GT Hall/Progress

STG-Control bldg/Progress